The untitled project I have linked at is a prototype, a foreshadowing of the work I will be bringing into this world. In using it you will experience that there an interactivity based on the expectation of the user, an “A-ha!” moment when you realize what is possible, a curiosity and a dance between the creator and user. This form requires participation and engagement from the user. You might notice that this is a shift away from social media that asks nothing of the user, and how it changes the experience for the user.

The fantasy loving part of me enjoys the concept that when the words appear to change visually, it creates a sort of illusion of magic, as though you might be looking at a stone tablet that is miraculously changing its text contents.

It is possible to go back and change the way we use hyperlink systems to present data and express meaning. I am currently working on a project that builds upon the prototype. I also plan to integrate it with existing blockchain technology.